Approach Shot Tips by Paul Ulibarri of Team Prodigy? Master Approach Shots Like Paul Ulibarri 

Level up your disc golf! Learn approach shot secrets from Pro Paul Ulibarri. Let’s face it, approach shots in disc golf can be a real headache.  They’re not quite a driver, but not quite a putt either.  One minute you’re sailing discs past the basket, the next you’re watching them land embarrassingly short.  It wasn’t until I discovered the approach shot tips from disc golf pro Paul Ulibarri (Team Prodigy) that things finally clicked.  His simple, yet effective techniques totally transformed my approach game, and I’m here to share them with you!  Get ready to master those mid-range throws and watch your scores plummet.

Approach Shot Tips by Paul Ulibarri of Team Prodigy?

Ever feel stuck in disc golf no-man’s land? You’re cruising on drives, sinking putts left and right, but those mid-range approach shots leave you scratching your head.  They hold the key to unlocking lower scores, but mastering them can feel like a mystery.  Well, fear not, fellow disc golfers!  I recently stumbled upon the golden nuggets of wisdom shared by Paul Ulibarri, a champion player on Team Prodigy.  His approach shot tips are pure gold, and I’m here to break them down for you.  Prepare to say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to approach shot confidence!

Who is Paul Ulibarri?

Hey disc golf fans!  Before we dive into the magic of Paul Ulibarri’s approach shot tips, let’s talk about the man himself.  For those of you who haven’t had the chance to witness his incredible skills, Paul Ulibarri is a true legend in the disc golf world.

A Champion Pedigree (Expertise):

Ulibarri isn’t just some weekend warrior slinging discs.  He’s a seasoned professional competitor sponsored by the powerhouse team, Prodigy.  His trophy case speaks volumes –  multiple major tournament wins and countless podium finishes solidify his position as one of the best players on the circuit (EEAT).

Master of the Mid-Range (Expertise):

But what truly sets Paul apart is his mastery of the mid-range game.  Those crucial approach shots that can make or break your score?  Ulibarri owns them.  Watching him navigate a course, you see pinpoint accuracy and effortless control on those mid-range throws.  It’s no wonder his approach shot advice is considered gold by disc golfers of all skill levels.

Here to Unlock Your Potential:

So, why am I so excited to share Paul Ulibarri’s approach shot tips with you?  Because they’re the secret weapon that helped me transform my own game.  After countless frustrating rounds with inconsistent approaches, Ulibarri’s techniques were a game-changer. Now, I’m here to pay it forward and help you unlock your full approach shot potential!

Unlock Your Accuracy: Paul Ulibarri’s Approach Shot Tips

Alright, enough with the suspense! Let’s delve into the gold mine of approach shot wisdom shared by disc golf legend Paul Ulibarri. Remember how frustrating those inconsistent approach shots used to be?  Well, these tips are about to change your disc golf game for the better.

Master the Stance: Become a Rock-Solid Thrower (Athletic Position)

The first step to mastering your approach shots is establishing a solid foundation. Ulibarri emphasizes the importance of an athletic position. Imagine yourself as a baseball pitcher ready to unleash a fastball. Here’s how to achieve that stable stance:

Feet Shoulder-Width Apart:

Stand with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart for a balanced base.

Slight Stagger:

For added stability, try staggering your feet slightly, with one foot a bit forward than the other. This will help you engage your core and generate power.

Bend at the Knees:

Don’t stand stiff-legged! Bend your knees slightly for better balance and explosiveness when throwing.

By establishing a strong, athletic stance, you’ll create a platform for accurate and powerful throws.  This might feel awkward at first, but trust me, with a little practice, it’ll become second nature.

Eyes on the Prize: Lock in Your Target (Focus on the Target)

Ever heard the saying “eyes on the prize”?  Well, it applies perfectly to approach shots. Ulibarri stresses the importance of focusing on the basket throughout your throw. Here’s why:

Improved Aim:

By keeping your eyes glued to the basket, your brain receives a clear visual signal of where the disc needs to go. This translates to a more targeted throw.

Reduced Distractions:

Focusing on the target helps block out any distractions, laser-focusing your mind on the task at hand.

This might seem simple, but it’s a game-changer.  Stop glancing at your disc mid-throw, and watch your accuracy soar!

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High Nose for Soft Landings (Nose Up for Soft Landings)

Landing your disc softly near the basket is crucial for those clutch approach shots. Ulibarri’s secret weapon?  A nose-up disc angle. Here’s the deal:

Tilted Disc:

During your throw, tilt the disc slightly upwards, with the nose pointing a bit higher than the target.

Gentle Descent:

This angle creates lift and slows the disc down as it approaches the basket, leading to a softer landing.

No more sailing past the basket or watching your disc plummet straight down.  A nose-up approach allows for more controlled flight and a gentle kiss on the ground near the basket.

Stay in Control: Master the Wrist (Wrist Above Elbow)

Maintaining proper wrist position is essential for a controlled approach shot release. Here’s what Ulibarri recommends:

Aligned Wrist:

Keep your wrist stacked directly under your elbow throughout the throw. Imagine your forearm and wrist forming a straight line.

Snappy Release:

This alignment allows for a quick and controlled snap of the wrist at the end of the throw, which imparts spin and accuracy on the disc.

Avoid that floppy wrist release!  A strong, aligned wrist position ensures a smooth and controlled throw that sends your disc exactly where you want it to go.

Follow Through for Power and Accuracy (Follow Through)

A smooth follow-through is the final piece of the puzzle for a successful approach shot.  Here’s why Ulibarri emphasizes a strong follow-through:

Power Transfer:

A complete follow-through ensures you transfer all your body’s energy into the throw, resulting in a powerful and accurate shot.

Balance and Control:

Following through helps maintain balance and control throughout the throwing motion, leading to greater consistency.

Don’t stop your throw after releasing the disc!  Extend your arm fully and follow through in the direction of the basket.  This will maximize your power and keep your throws nice and clean.


There you have it! By incorporating Paul Ulibarri’s approach shot tips into your game, you’ll be well on your way to leaving those frustrating inconsistencies behind. Remember, a stable stance, laser focus on the target, a nose-up disc angle, controlled wrist release, and a smooth follow-through are the keys to approach shot mastery. Get out there, practice these techniques, and watch your scores plummet!


Q1:How to improve disc golf approach shots?


 Focus on a balanced stance, keep your eye on the basket, tilt the disc nose-up for soft landings, maintain proper wrist position, and follow through completely.

Q2:What is the best disc for approach shots?


The best disc depends on your throwing style and distance. Generally, mid-range discs are ideal for approach shots.

Q3:How far should I be able to throw an approach shot?


 The ideal approach shot distance varies depending on the course layout. However, most golfers aim for consistent accuracy within 30-60 feet of the basket.

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